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Gift Givers: Viruses being spread from one person to the next

Gift givers got there name is the 1990's. They were people with viruses like HIV and AIDS who tried to pass it on to others who were not aware of their condition. They would have intercourse with the person and the next morning the person will wake up to a note on the mirror or night stand with the message Welcome to the World of AIDS. Now and days we have copy catters who go to the extreme putting needles in Movie theater seats, Children Play grounds, ATM's buttons, Public transportation seats, on the gas pump handles, the hinges of toilet seats, paper towel and seat cover container, these gift givers are also on dating party lines and sites. They will go to large crowded event and walk through the crowd poking themselves and others with needles. PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND REPORT ALL INCEDENCE RIGHT AWAY. If you every feel like you are exposed please go to the hospital right away and start your PEPs (Post Exposure Prophylactics) this will take your chances on catching the virus down.

This message was brought to you by A-Z Health, Safety and Early Childhood Development Training Center 702-234-6024


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