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           Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect $12





Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect is everyone responsibility. For Emergencies Call 911, non-emergency call 311 or Child Abuse Hotline (702) 399-0081; Domestic Crisis 24-hour Hot Line (702) 643-0074; Temporary Assistance for Domestic Crisis (702) 646-4981



Coming Soon

            Building Positive Self-Esteem in Children



 Coming Soon

           Nutrition, Obesty and Physical Fitness


  •  Health, Nutrition & Safety 

 Coming Soon

            Narrowing the achievement gap



 Coming Soon

           Tummy Time


  •    Coming Soon

          Ages and Stages: Following a Child's Progress 




Please Note: A-Z Training Center is not responsible for any injures or theft that may happen while attending classes or on property. Please Practice and participate in class responsibly to prevent injuries. Please make sure your car doors are locked and personal items are not visible. We are located on the second floor, if you need accommodations please let us know before your scheduled date. Thank you.  S. Finks.

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