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Welcome to A-Z Training Center

Our goal in life is to bring Health and Safety Awareness to the Community. Our commitment to this goal is based on the belief that a person’s behavior toward health and safety stems not only from genetics, but also from their environment. With this in mind it is important to focus on what we can change to ensure that a person develops and adopt healthy and safe habits. We believe that health and safety is an essential part of childhood development; the earlier a person engages in training and knowledge of health and safety the more likely they are to practice them in adulthood.

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Due to Covid-19 we have solved the certification and re-certification  problem surrounding social distancing. 
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The knowledge that will be grasp from one of our classes can provide a person the confidence and ability to take on some of life unexpected challenges.

4550 West Oakey Blvd Ste. X

Las Vegas, NV 89102

Tel: 702-234-6024


Please Note: A-Z Training Center is not responsible for any injures or theft that may happen while attending classes or on property. Please Practice and participate in class responsibly to prevent injuries. Please make sure your car doors are locked and personal items are not visible. We are located on the double door in suite B, if you need accommodations please let us know before your scheduled date. Thank you.  S. Finks.

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